Services Offered

Nutrition Counseling

The Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists (RDN) at SDC Nutrition offer nutrition evaluation and counseling using a “Food First” approach to treat and prevent many common health problems. The most common issues include:

  • Diabetes (Type-1 and Type-2).
  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension),
  • Weight loss and weight management,
  • Hypoglycemia, and Gestational Diabetes.

Poor nutrition can often be identified as a cause of these issues and we help create a plan to improve your nutrition and improve your health.

Insurance plans accepted include:

  • Medicare
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • The Empire Plan
  • Oxford
  • Emblem/GHI/HIP
  • Magnacare
  • 1199

Health Coaching

We provide a comprehensive wellness program by our Certified Health Coaches. Communication by phone, email, and text provides unlimited 24/7 support for you on your journey to Optimal Health. You decide on your goals and our coaches hold your hand through the process. You can receive this service from anywhere in the country, you never have to meet face-to-face.
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Pricing Plans for non-insurance covered services 

Take Shape For Life, Lowest cost option, FREE HEALTH COACH


SDC Nutrition Pricing Plans 

Take Shape For Life

  • Lowest cost option

Plan A 3-month package

  • 1-hour initial call or in-person visit
  • 30-minute call 1 week after
  • 30-minute call 2 weeks later
  • 2, 30-minute calls each of the next 2 months
  • Unlimited emails
  • Review of food journals
  • Recipes
  • Individualized Plan
  • $199/month or $549 if paid in full
  • Month-to-month afterwards $75/month


Plan B 6-month package

  • Plan A plus monthly progress calls 30-minutes each or 2, 15-minute calls per month
  • $129/month, $750 paid in full
  • Month-to-month afterwards $75/month

Plan C Concierge package

  • All the above plus “On Demand” calls scheduled at your need
  • Annual plan $999

Current client plan

-(if you have used our services in the past and are adding new services)

  • 2 calls monthly
  • $75/month
  • Cancel anytime or pay when a call is scheduled
  • Pay for full year and get 1 free month $799

Only want to see for 1 visit?  $150

Credit cards and checks accepted

Common Conditions

Diabetes Mellitus

  • Type-1: requires insulin, typically diagnosed at a young age.
  • Type-2: often related to overweight and insulin resistance. May or may not require medication.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): can be the result of obesity and poor diet.

Chronic Kidney Disease CKD): decreased kidney function possibly as a result of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or smoking. This can advance to End Stage Kidney Disease and the need for dialysis. Treating the cause has been shown to slow the progression of the condition.

Weight loss and weight management: Over 65% of America can be considered overweight and obesity. It is the leading treatable cause of disease and is a direct result of poor eating habits.

Hypoglycemia: low blood sugar.

Gestational Diabetes: high blood sugar during pregnancy that often resolves after birth. Can have negative effects on the fetus if not treated.

Whether it is counseling on losing weight (and keeping it off, of course!), questions on vitamins, or you’re looking for a safe cleanse to jump start your new health plan you can get the support you need from you full-time Dietitian/Nutritionist.

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